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The Owner and Data Controller is Connature Ltd 27, St. Cuthberts Street, BEDFORD, MK40 3JG, UNITED KINGDOM Registered in UNITED KINGDOM, Number 10551070 email:
The Data Processor is Lara Dassi email:
The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is Andrea Sodaro email:

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“This Website” refers to
• this website, including its subdomains and any other website through which the Owner makes its Service available;
• the Service;

Connature is an online platform that connects verified suppliers to verified buyers within the certified sustainable industry.
Connature is not a trading portal, nor does it manage in any way any trading that may then arise from such contacts; the purchase and sale relationships are managed separately and autonomously by the actors that Connature only provides to put in contact.
Members of the platform are verified by a careful analysis of the documentation produced. In any case, the member who produces untruthful documentation assumes all possible consequent responsibility.

Account registration
To use the Service Users must register or create a User account, providing all required data or information in a complete and truthful manner.
Failure to do so will cause unavailability of the Service.
Users are responsible for keeping their login credentials confidential and safe. For this reason, Users are also required to choose passwords that meet the highest standards of strength permitted by this Website.
By registering, Users agree to be fully responsible for all activities that occur under their username and password.
Users are required to immediately and unambiguously inform the Owner via the contact details indicated in this document, if they think their personal information, including but not limited to User accounts, access credentials or personal data, have been violated, unduly disclosed or stolen.

Conditions for account registration
Registration of User accounts on this Website is subject to the conditions outlined below. By registering, Users agree to meet such conditions.
• Accounts registered by bots or any other automated methods are not permitted.
• Unless otherwise specified, each User must register only one account.
• Unless explicitly permitted, a User account may not be shared with other persons.

Account termination
At any time the user can decide to cancel their account, but the package of services purchased will still have to be paid in full.
Barring exceptions, the User has the right to withdraw from the contract within the deadline and with the methods and reasons set out below by current legislation.
However, expenses incurred by Connature will not be reimbursed.

Account suspension and deletion
The Owner reserves the right to suspend or terminate the User’s account at any time and without notice, at the Owner’s sole discretion, in these cases:
• User has violated these Terms; and/or
• User’s access or use of this Website may cause injury to the Owner, other Users or third parties; and/or
• the use of this Website by the User may cause violation of law or regulations; and/or
• in case of an investigation by legal action or governmental involvement; and/or
• the account or its use is deemed to be, at the Owner’s sole discretion inappropriate or offencive or in violation of these Terms.
The suspension or deletion of User accounts shall not entitle Users to any claims for compensation, damages or reimbursement.
The suspension or deletion of accounts due to causes attributable to the User does not exempt the User from paying any applicable fees or prices.

Contents of this website
Unless otherwise specified or clearly recognisable, all content available on this website is owned or provided by the Owner or its licensors.
The Owner holds and reserves all intellectual property rights for such content.
Users may therefore not use such contents in any way that is not necessary or implicit in the correct use of the Service.

Access to the content provided
The content provided by Users to this Website is made available according to the criteria outlined in these Terms of Use.

Private contents
Private contents provided by Users will remain private and will not be shared with third parties or accessible by the Owner without the explicit consent of the User.

Access to external resources
Through this Site, Users may have access to external resources provided by third parties. Users acknowledge and accept that the Owner has no control over such resources and is therefore not responsible for their content and availability.
The conditions applicable to any resource provided by third parties, including those applicable to any grant of rights in content, result from the terms and conditions of each such third party or, in the absence of these, applicable statutory law.
In particular, on this Site Users may view advertisements provided by third parties. The Owner does not control or moderate the advertisements displayed through this Website. If Users click on one of these advertisements, they will interact with any third parties responsible for that advertisement.
The Owner is not responsible for any matters arising from such interaction with third parties, such as anything resulting from visiting third-party websites or using third-party content.

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