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Hassan R. – India
We are suppliers of soy milk and soy products. We exhibit in some important Fairs but wanted to have the possibility to increase our business opportunities. We registered at Connature because we are certified organic and work in this industry and want to connect to buyers of the same industry, possibly in Europe. Connature staff was very kind and patient and help us. We have uploaded many products and are satisfied with contacts we have received. The platform has advertise specifically our company and products and after one month we have sent our first order to a french buyer. Satisfied with the service.
13 febbraio 2023


Saverio A. – Italy
We are very satisfied with Connature service. We have received many requests through WhatsApp for our cleaning products. We were available also for dropshipping which has helped us to find one broker in Germany and two small chains interested in selling our products. Satisfied.
9 marzo 2023


Sandra L. – Uk
This is our second year with Connature. We have found organic food suppliers for our boat chartering service. Products are certified and we are happy to use connature because we know every product is verified and we can source trustfully. Thanks!
17 aprile 2023


Chantal D. – Slovenia
We are producer of organic snacks. We are a start up with low budget. We have visited connature and appreciate the connecting function of the platform. We have registered as suppliers and started to get enquiries from buyers near Slovenia. We have appreciated that we just pay an yearly fee, with not extra fees with the business done through connature. To us, that have just started, it’s very supportive. Thanks.
24 maggio 2023


We produce organic beauty products. We really needed massive visibility towards buyers, distributors because we have started our activity from one year, invested a lot in the production and low budget in travelling around. We have registered at connature to display our products and get new connections from buyers. We have found two good contacts and now we are sending the second order. Very satisfied. Staff is top.
8 giugno 2023


Samar R. – Emirates
I’m a distributor of Middle Est and i’ve registered as a buyer to search for new sustainable food and organic certified from Italy. I’ve found a northern italy supplier which i’m very happy with. It’s two years we are working together. Connature Staff has helped me when i ask for advice. Thanks to the Staff and recommend it.
5 ottobre 2023


Liam B. – Netherlands
I’m a buyer from Netherlands and i was searching for an organic ginger powder online. I registered as a buyer at connature and i was able to connect and send enquiries to all suppliers in the platform. I’ve contacted some suppliers and i finally got the right one. After a couple of calls and receiving samples we have started to work together. Very grateful to the platform service. I’d never ever found this supplier by mailself because it’s far away and not attending fairs. Satisfied!
29 agosto 2023


Giovanna B. – Italy
I’m an e-commerce owner from Italy. We are always searching for new healthcare brands to expand our catalogue. I registered as a buyer at connature to be able to contact for free brands and suppliers. I also made this choice because i know they verified each product organic certification displayed on the platform through their partner. I’ve found 3 brands wich whom we have started to collaborate. I’ve used the geolocalisation function to identify the nearest to us! Staff was very kind and supportive. Satisfied!
2 novembre 2023


Caterina R. – California
I’m italian but i live in Los Angeles and own three stores in California that sell nutrition and nutraceutical products. Our products are all certified organic or cruelty free.
I love finding new quality producers, and thanks to Connature, I found two food producers that I have added to our producer list. Very satisfied with the service, friendly and helpful staff. Since I registered as a Paid Buyer I was able to take advantage of the on-demand search service because lately I was looking for an organic mustard producer that I couldn’t find online. Connature staff put me in touch with an excellent producer with whom we started working. Thank you!
21 novembre 2023


Alma K. – Buyer/Retailer
Operating three shops in Denmark, I was on the hunt for premium organic honey that aligned with our commitment to quality and sustainability. That’s when Connature came into the picture.
Through Connature’s platform, I discovered a supplier whose dedication to organic practices and ethical sourcing immediately caught my attention. We requested samples – and they exceeded our expectations.
From the moment we tasted their honey, we knew we had found something truly special.
Thanks to Connature, we’ve not only found a supplier but a partner in our mission to offer the best to our customers while staying true to our values. Our shops proudly stand behind this exceptional honey, grateful for Connature’s role in connecting us with excellence.
February 2024


Paul M. – E-commerce Purchase Manager
Hello, I’m Paul, the Purchasing Manager for a leading e-commerce platform specializing in organic food. With discerning customers who value certifications, finding the perfect supplier for our organic certified rice snacks was not so easy. After a bit of online sleuthing, I stumbled upon Connature, and it proved to be the game-changer I needed. Signing up as a buyer and within moments, I found myself immersed in a network of reputable suppliers. I connected with an Italian supplier who checked off all our boxes. From organic certifications to impeccable quality standards, they had it all. What’s more, the seamless communication through WhatsApp made the entire process effortless and efficient. Thanks to Connature, we’ve not only found a supplier but a trusted partner in delivering top-notch products to our customers. Thanks also to Andrea for excellent customer care! Paul
February 2024


Alina L. – Organic Detergents Distributor and Purchasing Manager
Hello Connature Staff,
I wanted to tell you how much i’m grateful for the support you’ve provided in easing my sourcing journey. Your platform has truly been a game-changer, simplifying the process and accelerating my selection process exponentially through WhatsApp!!
The ability to connect directly and free of charge, following a simple registration as a buyer, has been a revelation. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about the invaluable time and resources saved in the process. Thanks to Andrea for the support. I really appreciate this platform because it’s niche dedicated, not huge but very efficient. Thanks!
March 2024


Marina C. – Buyer Food
I’ve finally found an online service that helps me in the process of selecting and connecting with new organic food suppliers. Do you have also a custom service? Thanks for much for all your help!
April 2024


Giorgio B. – Buyer Organic Food
I’m thrilled to share that I’ve successfully found a reliable supplier with valid certifications, all without the hassle of exhaustive searches. A heartfelt thanks goes out to Federbio Servizi Service for their diligent checks and assistance in ensuring the credibility of the supplier.
Their expertise have provided me with peace of mind, knowing that I’m partnering with a supplier who meets the highest standards of quality and authenticity. This has left me feeling incredibly satisfied and excited for the future of our collaboration.
I’m grateful for the invaluable support provided by Federbio Servizi Service and Connature and I look forward to the continued success of our partnership. Here’s to achieving great things together!”
April 2024

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