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Connature is the global B2B platform for sourcing certified organic products. Connecting users from 180+ countries our mission is to make organic available for everyone, everywhere. We are working within the international sustainable industry since 2011 and are the first digital platform that have required entry standards to our operators to guarantee quality of contacts for suppliers and buyers, saving time and money.

Why Connature?

Quality of Operators

Certified products/raw materials only

We welcome suppliers with certified products only, selecting certifications that give real guarantees.

We have chosen not to deal with meat, skins and furs, to respect animals and the environment.

Suppliers have access to targeted buyers, and buyers benefit from the organic world’s most efficient B2B platform that automatically matches you to the right supplier.

Find what you need, fast.

Verified Operators only

We offer trade buyers trust and security.  We accept only certified products  with valid certifications in order to provide quality and trust to all our buyers. Double verification is made on all products displayed. Once suppliers upload certifications on their products, our External Partner, Federbio, one of the most established Certification bodies, checks them and give approval. You’ll find on each product displayed the Verified by Federbio label.
Buyers can trade securely with reputable suppliers.

Buyers data are verified as well. Buyers data are in-house verified and a double verification is made on messages sent through the platform.

Easy to use

Easy and intuitive, our platform makes the research fast and specific. It makes buyers save time, energy and money.

Suppliers profiles are completed with all the information crucial to buyers  to compare, identify and select the perfect match. Commercial, Technical and Certification data are displayed to buyers. Our advanced search system allow buyers to go straight to the right profiles.

Connature offers buyers a  plus tool: to post Product Alerts to attract their perfect match. Platform eases messaging with suppliers and offers direct contact tools that give the possibility to communicate instantly with operators (telephone, whatsapp, telegram…)

New GeoMatching function to find out the closest supplier of interest.


We are online from 2011. Connature hosts suppliers from 180 countries.
All our suppliers displayed valid verified certifications on products and raw materials.
We welcome a high volume of traffic every day which allow operators to get instant contacts and build international business network very fast and easily.

Our Users

Buyers  – Free Registration

  • Procurement Managers
  • E-commerce procurement departments
  • Brokers
  • Sourcing Teams
  • Brand Builders/Creators
  • Brand Agents
  • Importers
  • Wholesalers/Distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • Traders / Retailers
  • Catering/HORECA/F&B
  • Companies looking for bulk ingredients
  • Companies looking for private label/OEM/white label products

Suppliers  – Membership Required

  • Suppliers
  • Producers
  • Raw material buyers and processors
  • Manufacturers
  • Farmers
  • Brands
  • Raw material wholesalers
  • Exporters

Make it simple and respectful!

Supporting a fairer economy is our mission!

We are innovators in our commercial sector, by choosing from 2011 to support sustainable companies, for a more sustainable, fairer and more respectful economy.

Digital Procurement, when professional as in our case, make things better and easier.

No travelling is required, less money spent and less energy to search and identifing potential partners. Our intuitive platform performs high level of navigation, searching and identification of the perfect business partner. Searching at Connature means finding and chosing best results with less effort.


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